As pieces of furniture are often moulds of human body, empty forms ready to hold it, so all the space turns to be the mould of the soul, an involucre without which the soul would feel as a snail deprived of its shell Mario Praz


A complete range of furniture distinguished by quality craftsmanship, precious materials and research of details. The MinottiCollezioni pieces are timeless objects, elegant, refined, with attend to every detail and entirely “made in Italy”.



A MinottiCollezioni project offers a custom approach to each client. The MinottiCollezioni furniture is a reference point for the interior designers and architects all over the world and help to make rewarding the experience of such spaces as exclusive mansions, offices, hotels, SPA, restaurants.




The MinottiCollezioni history is written in the  past and a present bound by the family continuity. Passion, work and creativeness to tell e unique tale. A constant research of a timeless image born from roots deep in historic ground and a look always towards the future.